TOYS Global – Action Figures – A large, growing and changing market

13. September 2019, 14:59

The reason why this article focuses on the U.S. market for Action Figures is two-fold: Firstly, it is the largest market and represents an estimated 30 percent of all Action Figures sold worldwide; secondly, all indications are that similar developments are taking place around the globe.

Graph 1: Movies with Action Figures

On all accounts, the Action Figure market in the U.S. is growing nicely. It is today driven by two major factors – big screen movies and films shown on cable television. On the surface of things, everything looks just fine and action figure movies continue to be released on a pretty constant rate (see graph 1). The same movies are being rerun on the leading TV networks catering to children – the main consumers of Action Figures – backed by advertising there.
All indications are that the Action Figure toy category is growing steadily and